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Hail to the King


Celebrate... my...

Congratulate... my...


What have I become

When the midnight moon is my morning sun

I've turned it around

My up is your down

All the daylight motions

Pass me by without a whisper

Your sky is my ground

I believe that I've found...


People just go on about their own way

Within the light because they are afraid

Of those around that might understand them... it's frightning

Hail to the life of the night...


Guided by the light

Of a distant glow of a need to know

My path lays ahead...

When the Sun is now dead

Search the streets for what

Is surely overtaking

My need to belong

Can it be so wrong...


To be alone in this darkened world

To be who I am when I choose to be

Pretending I'm not when the moment occurs... it's exciting

Hail to the choices there be...


If you want...

There's shadows to hide

If you want...

You can live out your lie

If you want...

You can be someone else

If you want...

Turn their pity into malice

If you want...

You can live while they dream

If you want...

Pretend that it seems

If you want...

All that there is

If you want...

It's about to begin


Souls' keep on passing each other in light

Much to afraid to show who they are

I choose the darkness to live out my life... it's believing

Hail to a life fractionated...

Hail to the intoxication...

Hail to the King of my world.


Written by SpAwN on the 30th Nov. 2007