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Just wait, only for a minute, it won't be that long

The end's in sight

You played the game their way, now it's your turn

It's time to fight

As it all becomes so clear, never before was

A chance so right

Lay claim to all you know, make it your own as the now fading...

Light draws you in

You start to feel something

A feeling of leaving, and...

All that you wanted

Has lost all it's own meaning

But still, you want it all


You lay, only for a minute, closing your eyes'

Shut them tight

Your thoughts drift off to take you far away

To the place that might

Your face is fractured by a smile, so near the end

The end's in sight

Regret bred from happiness, as you open your eyes' it becomes so...

Clear are the tears

That are streaming in silence

The silence of screaming of...

All that had been

Is all it worth your return...

Maybe the dark times of life

Are not always the darkest

From inside the light that

Glows from the life... that your given...

It's time to live your own life


Many moments go to...

Making up an entire life...

Who are you to choose...

That the easy way is right...

It's no more than a game...

With ever changing rules...

We're all just the same...

On this planet of fools


All... that... has... been...

Is what you someone

Someone worth living, and...

Now seems the time to... glow... and light the world

I know... the dark has it's place

It's what makes the glow into something so perfect

And now that you know, don't run away

You can, you will have it all


You can and will have it...

Just remember the easy way out is not the right way

Choose to fight

When it seems the darkness is growing, it's time to unveil

Shine your light.


Written by SpAwN on the 31st Aug. 2007