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Battle Internal


Bouncing around from the one to the other

My mind just can not stay still

Personalities drag me asunder

With multiple minds to fullfill... they all scream in time...


First there was me now it seems I'm left behind

The others' all now have just broken free


But I lay in wait

Waiting for the moment

When I can

Grab it all back again...


It's what keeps them here

We all share the same fear... the one where we don't exist


Denying myself, that I am so broken

Leads to mistrusting myself

All the words from my minds' that are spoken

Leads me further from help... further from time


Watching everything that it appears so much to be

Just becomes something else to another me


So I fight against

All of the other me's

To take control of what

That should be all mine...


It's what I'm running out of

Every excuse is now because... because of the mutiple me's


If I could change what has made me so very much this way

Would I still be able to recognize

All the things I did and said, would they still be from me

Maybe I should close my mind and just compromise... maybe I should die


The coming together of all of the me's

Of all of the screams deep inside

Can only bring forth the battle internal

To find the true ruler this time... to rule over my mind.


Written by SpAwN on the 25th Oct. 2007